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¿Qué significa la numeración que se utiliza para denominar a las mallas anudadas?

Answer to question 1

Knotted meshes are denominated using three numberings, which refer respectively to the height of the mesh, the number of horizontal wires and the spacing between the vertical wires in centimeters. For example:

The knotted mesh 100/8/15 would have:

100 cms of heigh

8 horizontal wires

15 cms separating the vertical wires

¿Qué diferencia hay entre las mallas ganaderas y las mallas cinegéticas?

Answer to question 2

In fact, there is no difference between livestook meshes and cynegetic meshes, as both are knotted or livestock meshes. 

Denominating some knotted wire meshes as "cynegetic" is due to the fact that there aresome communities in Spain where, in certain zones, it is required the use of meshes that meet the necessary grid measurements to allow small animals to get through. 

For example, in Castilla-La Mancha, cynegetic meshes must have an inferior grid of at least 15 cms of height and 30 cms of width.