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Mallas Galbis, experts in Meshes, Posts and Enclosures.

Mallas Galbis is a family-owned company that has been serving its clients for over sixty years from Pozoblanco (Córdoba), in the renowed area of Valle de Los Pedroches, southern Spain.

We develop and distribute wire nettings, posts and everything necessary for the enclosure of cattle holdings, hunting properties, sport facilities, residential and industrial closures. Similarly, we rely on an extensive range of products intended for the feeding, handling and protection of pig, bovine, sheep and horse livestock. Our true sole mission is to build enduring solutions to protect and respect the natural environment of our clients.

We stand by a continuous innovation on digitalization that allow us to meet the ultimate market demands, as it can be appreciated in Galbis Reforestal, our modern production facility refined to the latest innovations in machinery and automation of production processes.

We are currently working to reach other international markets in order to further develop our expertise and proffesionalism day by day.

At Mallas Galbis, we stronly believe in the values that define our social and personal coexistence. For this reason, we stand behind our products thanks to a great team, without which our work would never be possible.


Ctra. de Alcaracejos, s/n
14400 Pozoblanco (Córdoba)
TLF: 957 770 888 - 957 770 629
FAX: 957 772 710


Pol. Ind. Palomares
Calle Guadarramilla, s/n
14450 Añora (Córdoba)
TLF: 662 370 783 - 689 003 621